For all of you who protect and serve, we are deeply grateful!

This past week I had the opportunity to visit with law enforcement officers around the state and thank them for their service. In every case this was met with amazing humbleness and an attempt to deflect the attention away from themselves.  They commit to a public service different from the rest of us, one in which they are keenly aware of the sacrifice they may have just to do their job.
I was reminded this week of my daddy, because I saw that commitment and humbleness in him every day growing up.  In the picture, he is second from the left in the motorcycle helmet, behind police chief Dan Davis.  Although Governor Wallace specifically asked for him to provide his escort whenever he came to town, daddy never bragged about this or told anyone, he just did it.  Shortly after this photograph, my dad would end up in the hospital after a crash from a high speed chase and in a coma from another. Although he finally left the motorcycle behind, he continued to serve both in the Prichard PD and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department until his retirement in 1995.
For all of you who protect and serve, we are deeply grateful.
And for all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we salute you, we honor you, and we will never forget.