I wholeheartedly support Judge Michelle Thomason for Place 1, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. She is an experienced attorney with the additional qualification of service as a District Court and Circuit Court Judge for 12 years. I admire her ability, character and integrity.

– Champ Lyons, Jr. – Supernumerary Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Alabama

I have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Michelle Thomason for many years. Judge Thomason’s credentials as a former banker, an experienced attorney and as a dedicated trial judge are unmatched, and her leadership as a public servant on numerous state boards and in establishing one of the first treatment courts for our Veterans is commendable. Her tireless involvement in the community, her charity work, her church, and the boards she serves shows that she is a woman of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for her community and the State of Alabama. When elected I know she will continue to serve the state with the same passion she exhibits in all of her endeavors. I believe beyond any doubt that she is the most qualified candidate in the race for Place 1 on the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, and I urge everyone to cast their vote for Judge Michelle Thomason in the upcoming Republican primary on June 5th.


-Jack Edwards – Former U.S. Congressman, First District of Alabama

It is with great confidence and without reservation that I endorse Judge Michelle Thomason for election to the Alabama Court of Civil appeals. I know her to have the Christian and conservative values that Alabama citizens cherish, and I am certain that she believes in the rule of law which is so important in our system of justice. Based upon my experience as an attorney for twenty-four years and and Alabama Circuit Judge for fourteen years, I know Judge Thomason is very qualified in her experience for this judgeship. She has the character to give the citizens of Alabama judgment with integrity on our Court of Civil Appeals. My confidence in endorsing Judge Thomason is supported in her endorsement by Judge Craig Pittman who I know personally and for whom I have the utmost respect both personally and professionally.

– Kenneth W. Quattlebaum – Retired Circuit Judge, 33rd Judicial Circuit